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Man knocks Justin Bieber to ground in NYC

23 Jun

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was knocked to the ground while greeting fans outside Macys in Herald Square.Bieber who was attending an event inside Macys unveiling his new cologne, decided to go outside of the store to acknowledge the fans that could not come inside to the event.Witnesses say when Justing Bieber came out the doors an unidentified man jumped a barrier and knocked the teen sensation to the ground.

via Man knocks Justin Bieber to ground outside Macys in Herald Square |

Sounds like Chris Brown was behind this. The guy is always ready to pop off at something. He’s mad because Bieber did not stalk Frank Ocean and tell him to “Catch a fade Son!!!”.


Lacrosse announcer channels Biggie, leaves you Hypnotized

22 Jun

Great sports announcer or greatest sports announcer?

Loud mouthed educated metro rider’s LinkedIn profile exposed

19 Jun

Remember Ms. Well educated? Well now we know what schools she has been to from her LinkedIn Profile  (NYU 3 times) .Can you say EXPOSED. Lets just look at the summary.

Highly proficient professional with a passion for pushing limits on expectations. Able to contribute towards business development and strategy pertaining to the energy and financial services sectors. Specialized ability to finance renewable energy projects. Excellent management and communication skills with knowledge of trading systems and strategy.

Excellent communication skills? I think we are done here.

Facebookwastaken – Interrogations Part II (Usher – Confessions Part 2)

17 Jun

This is hilarious and if you don’t laugh you should see a therapist. To see more check out their page at

Drunken sex at 85 mph caused car crash

16 Jun

Lawsuits after car crashes are beyond common. But in the Fairfax County courthouse, a lawsuit about a crash on the Beltway last year is dropping a few jaws as it makes the rounds and heads toward trial next week. Among the latest allegations in the lawsuit pending in Fairfax County Circuit Court:

Paragraph 10. “At the time of the collision, Defendant was going 85 miles per hour.”

Paragraph 12. “At the time of the collision, Defendant was having sex with a female.”

Paragraph13. “At the time of the collision, Defendant was driving admittedly drunk.”

Paragraph 14. “At the time of the accident, Defendant was partially or totally in the backseat of the car.”

Wait, WHA? 85 miles per hour? The backseat? And what happened to paragraph 11?

via On the Beltway, a claim of drunken sex at 85 mph – The State of NoVa – The Washington Post.

How do you drive from the backseat? That is a a skill.

New Music : Wale -Lacefrontin

16 Jun

LimeLinx – Preview – Lacefrontin.mp3.

Tim Pawlenty’s New Hampshire Ally Calls Obama a “Jungle Alien”

16 Jun

 During his recent swing through New Hampshire for CNN’s presidential debate, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty courted more than a hundred Republicans at a house party in the town of North Conway. But the Pawlenty campaign’s choice of a host for the event, which was arranged by the candidate’s regional field manager in the Granite State, was nothing if not controversial. The party took place at the home of Ray Shakir, a local Republican activist and retired construction executive, who calls President Obama a “jungle alien,” Hillary Clinton “Osama’s dream girl,” and once labeled certain disabled children “uneducatable” and thus undeserving of taxpayer-funded schooling.

Tim Pawlenty’s New Hampshire Ally: Obama is a “Jungle Alien” | Mother Jones.

Well that is a new one. Sounds like a derogatory term for a Na’vi.